Germicidal UV-C ultraviolet ray shielded ceiling light

• Body in white ABS with mirror reflector •
Dimensions 820x220x195 mm
• Sanitizing capacity 500 m3 / hour
• Lamp life 4000 hours.


The screened ceiling light has a sanitizing capacity of 200 square meters per hour and can always be left running in the presence of people. The ceiling light reduces the microbial load and sanitizes the equipment and work environments, purifying the air in order to guarantee total hygiene in the premises intended for production for the food sector, without altering the duration and quality of the products.
Equipped with a turbo suction system with two fans and an internal mirror screen, it allows constant and rapid sterilization of the air.
The electric insecticides combine the recall of the lamps with the use of glue papers with screening to facilitate monitoring.


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