DZD Sole washer with disinfection tank

The DZD disinfects the soles using a disinfection bath which is automatically refilled with disinfectant. This means that the system always performs its function, while avoiding the use of excessive amounts of disinfectant. The customer can decide at his own discretion which disinfectants to use. The splash guard prevents splashes of disinfectant from escaping from the DZD. The floor and walls around the DZD remain clean and dry. The bath is topped up automatically after 25 passes.

Options and / or accessories
The DZD model is also available in a built-in version and with double rail support.
As an option, the device can be connected to a centralized chemical supply system.

Customer benefits
• Automatic refill of the disinfection bath
• Easy setting of the refill time of the disinfection bath
• Hygienic structure and surface finish
• Presence of a drain area
• Chemical level indicator

DZD-1000-R / L *
DZD-1500-R / L *
* Right (R) or left (L) version


Guy DZD-1000-R / L DZD-1500-R / L
Width / mm 901 901
Height / mm 1,180 (from the floor) 1,180 (from the floor)
Length / mm 1,820 2,335
Built-in model width / mm 948 948
Built-in model height / mm 1.020 (from the floor) 1.020 (from the floor)
Built-in model length / mm 1,919 2,434
Disinfection bath capacity / l 34 37
Step height / mm 200 200
Voltage / V 230 230
Number of phases 1 1
Frequency / Hz 50 50
Power / kW 0.1 0.1
Inlet water connection 3/4 ″ 3/4 ″
Outgoing water connection DN40 DN40
Weight kg 100 115
Disinfection bath refill cycles 25 steps 25 steps
Duration of refilling the disinfection bath / sec 6-60 6-60


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