COMBI Cleaning and disinfection soles disinfection hands

Available in the 1500
version. Also available in the floor recessed version.

Options and / or accessories
Available with time recording and as a built-in model.
As an option, the input can be connected to a centralized chemical supply system.

Advantages for the customer
• Automatic refilling of the disinfection bath. Easy setting of the refill time
• Ability to set the operating time of the brushes
• Dosing of chemicals on the back and palm of the hands
• Ability to disassemble the brushes without using tools
• Splash protection
• Hygienic structure and surface finish

COMBI-BD-D-1500-R / L *
COMBI-BD-DD-1500-R / L *
* Right (R) or left (L) version


Guy COMBI-BD-D (D) -1500-BR / L
Width / mm 1,640
Height / mm 1,558 (from the floor)
Length / mm 2,640
Built-in model width / mm 1,658
Built-in model height / mm 1,252 (from the floor)
Built-in model length / mm 2,760
Disinfection bath capacity / l 37
Step height / mm 123
Voltage / V 400
Number of phases 3
Frequency / Hz 50
Power / kW 1.5
Inlet water connection 3/4 ″
Outgoing water connection DN40
Weight kg 390
Disinfection bath refill cycles 25 steps
Duration of refilling the disinfection bath / sec 6-60
Brushes water consumption / l / min 3.5
Hand sanitizer dosage / sec 0.03-1
Turnstile unlock time / sec 0-4.5


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