700 mo-butterfly

• Ideal for environments where food is produced. It is used with glue paper.
• It can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall.
• Aluminum structure
• Range of action: 10/12 mt.
• The special lamps are placed to attract all flying insects to the luminaire. When the insects get close they stick to the glue paper attached to the sides. This system allows you to control and eliminate all flying insects in the surrounding environment.


Their effectiveness is due to the properties of attraction of the UV-A lamp towards insects, without harming humans. To be perceived by the insect orientation system, the UV-A lamps must guarantee extreme precision in the frequency of emissions, which is why it is important to replace the lamps after one year of operation, otherwise the system itself will be ineffective. An optimal location requires that the appliances are placed in an area a little distant from places frequented by people. In order for the attractive action towards diurnal insects to be effective, the devices must be placed in dim light rather than in full light. A UV source placed in an environment of attenuated light is always able to exercise attraction towards the insects that pass in its vicinity. Place the appliances at a suitable height. The best action is 2-3 meters above the floor.


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