About us

Established in 1997, we are specialists in the food industry, particularly renowned for our expertise in slaughterhouses. From providing detailed slaughterhouse drawings and maps to offering comprehensive meat processing solutions, including wastewater treatment for plants, we deliver end-to-end solutions, encompassing everything from design to execution, making us your one-stop destination for complete slaughterhouse solutions. management of ; air conditioners, electric and water supply as well as waste water treatment. In addition to designing and building slaughterhouses We also distribute & design slaughterhouse machinery as well as hygiene machinery. Our first service that we still currently provide is flooring which include: Hygiene flooring and food grade flooring. We also design and equip food technology and slaughterhouses in addition to providing waste water treatment solutions.

Our mission

With a rich legacy spanning many years, STBM stands as an industry leader, specializing in the marketing and production of plants, machinery, and items tailored for the food industry, particularly in the slaughtering and meat processing sector. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled services and equipment, setting international benchmarks as a premier specialist contracting company dedicated to excellence. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and knowledge to elevate and improve the food industry in the UAE, ensuring sustainable growth and innovation.

Who we are

Based in the United Arab Emirates; we are specialists in the food industry, renowned for our expertise in slaughterhouses and comprehensive meat processing solutions. From designing and building slaughterhouses to distributing and designing slaughterhouse machinery, our services extend to providing waste water treatment solutions and hygiene machinery. As a proud homegrown Emirati company, we are dedicated to elevating the food industry in the UAE by delivering end-to-end solutions and setting international standards for excellence.

Company History




Founded in 1997 by Jamal MM Alaskari, STBM has its roots in the visionary mission of its CEO, who arrived in the country around 35 years ago. With a fervent desire to contribute to the nation’s development, Jamal embarked on a journey to enhance the country’s infrastructure leveraging the education and knowledge he acquired. Initially focusing on industrial flooring and waterproofing for food plants, STBM quickly garnered recognition for its exceptional expertise in these areas. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to serving the community, we expanded our offerings to include a comprehensive suite of facility management services tailored specifically for the food industry. Today, STBM is renowned for its specialist contracting services in slaughterhouses, air conditioning systems, wastewater treatment, and trading of food machinery, embodying a legacy of continuous innovation and unwavering dedication to improving the country’s infrastructure.

Our Expertise

STBM is a company that specializes in facility management services for food industry plants, with a particular focus on slaughterhouses. The company has extensive expertise in several areas, including specialist contracting of slaughterhouses, air conditioning systems installation and facility management, industrial flooring installation and maintenance, waste water treatment systems installation and facility management, and trading of food industry machinery.

The specialist contracting service involves managing the entire process of setting up a new slaughterhouse or upgrading an existing one, from design and planning to construction and installation. STBM can also provide ongoing facility management services for the slaughterhouse, ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely at all times.

The company’s expertise in air conditioning systems installation and facility management ensures that temperature and humidity levels are maintained at the required levels for safe and efficient processing of food products. STBM can install a range of air conditioning systems to meet clients’ specific needs, as well as provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency. Additionally, STBM’s installation and maintenance of monile flooring, waste water treatment systems, and food industry machinery ensure that all aspects of facility management are taken care of, providing a comprehensive solution for clients in the food industry.


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