Efficient solutions for optimal industrial facility management

Based in Abu Dhabi; We are a contracting & facility management  company that design, build, install and operate high-performance food industry equipment, Hygiene equipment and air conditioners as well as provide exceptional contracting services, delivering top-quality results every time.

our Facility management services

STBM has been operating in the industry for over 20 years and has since become an industry leader in it's respective fields


We design, equip and build slaughterhouses of all kinds, after which we maintain them with the highest care and professionalism as a result of our extensive experience.

Air conditioners

We maintain and install air conditioners of all kinds such as; Split unit air conditioner, central air conditioners and HVAC conditioners


We design manufacture and install industrial, water proof flooring called Monile.


Our blue collar team are absolute experts in electro mechanic maintenance.


We can safely and efficiently treat waste water from your plants so that it doesn’t affect the environment

How We do The job

With over 25 years of industry experience, our specialist contracting and facility management company is well-equipped to design, construct, and manage food industrial plants, specifically slaughterhouses. Our expert team ensures compliance with regulations, prioritizes food safety, and provides comprehensive maintenance services to optimize facility operations. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we deliver efficient, compliant, and well-managed facilities, tailored to the unique needs of the food industrial plant industry.

Why choose STBM?

Here are a few things that we do, to give you more insight on why to choose STBM

Multifunctional Slaughter Machineries

Supplies the most state of the art slaughtering and meat processing systems along with storage and cooling room conveyance systems for cattle and sheep but also for ostriches and camels amongst other big animals for your Industrial plant or mechanical slaughterhouses.

Hygienic and Optimal Solutions

Hygiene is classified under sensitive & utility industries. We Supply high-quality systems for every step of the entire value chain of the meat processing industry. These steps include carcass grading, slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines and hygiene systems.

Waste water treatment and waste Energy System

We provide optimal waste water treatement systems and consultations for industrial plants specializing in industrial food plants. In addition to this we possess the knowledge and expertise to create a way to make the system self sufficient by generating electricty from the waste by producing methane gas to achieve this amongst other inorganic materials.

Industrial drain systems

We install industrial drain systems and deliver Optimal hygiene drain solutions & innovative technology. We supply customized solutions specific to your plant/factory after consultation and as a result a completely hygienic and reliable system with our seasoned expertise and state of the art Drain system machinery.

Facility management

STBM offers Industrial installation, maintenance and repair service for all agri-food production and meat processing plants especially in mechanical slaughterhouses. We provide installation, maintenance and repair of; Hygiene machinery, Industrial food machinery and air conditioners.

eco friendly construction

Because we care about tomorrow our practices involve; Sustainable construction and the use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints, solvents and building materials.

A word from the CEO

” I started this company in 1997. As a result of our many years of experience, we are an industry leading specialist contracting & Facility management company for the food sector. We pride ourselves in that we provide the very best quality equipment, machinery and service”

Jamal Alaskari

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